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Decorative & Hardscape Lighting - Jacksonville, FL

Hardscape lighting is a type of lighting used for both utilitarian and decorative illumination of your home or business. It refers specifically to the illumination of inanimate features like walkways, steps, pergolas, fireplaces, rock gardens, patios, gazebos and cabanas. At Pro Lighting Outdoors, decorative & hardscape lighting is one of our specialties. We’re one of the most trusted outdoor lighting companies in Northeast Florida, with years of experience with planning, installing and servicing outdoor lighting in Jacksonville and across the larger First Coast region.

The Benefits of Hardscape Lighting for Your Home or Business

The benefits of incorporating hardscape lighting into your landscape and larger outdoor lighting plan are numerous. They include:

  • Like all outdoor lighting, hardscape lighting enables you to make use of your outdoor living spaces no matter the time of day.
  • It provides the opportunity to light outdoor spaces where landscape lighting alone, might not.
  • Hardscape lighting helps define outdoor spaces adding depth, perspective and beauty that enhances curb appeal and adds value to a home or business.
  • Hardscape lighting enhances the safety of exterior spaces such as steps, walkways, patios, driveways, and more.
  • Low-voltage halogen or LED hardscape lighting does all of the above, while also conserving significant energy over traditional light fixtures and helping you save big on your utility bills.
Walkway with Lights
beautiful indoor pool and spa area
A well-lit garden with a patio at night

The Best Decorative Hardscape Lighting Features for Your Home or Business

There are many ways to use decorative hardscape lighting to supplement your outdoor landscape lighting plan. Common techniques and hardscape lighting features include:
  • Recessed Lights and Mounted Lights Hardscape lighting can be used for both decorative and utilitarian purposes, using both recessed and mounted lights. Most often, outdoor lighting plans incorporate a mix of these elements.
  • Path Lighting Path lighting can range from post lights to paver lights, small, focused spotlights, and wall sconces. In all cases they are used to light foot paths, such as along steps, staircases, walkways or paths leading to key areas of your outdoor landscape like a patio, pool, cabana or other structure.
  • Moonlighting / Downlighting – Moonlighting  is a technique that uses low-voltage LED lighting to create the effect of the moon shining down onto an outdoor space. By using  downlighting in key areas such as on walls, trellises, eaves, gazebos and other structures (as well as in landscape features like trees), you can help spread light more evenly and/or artistically by casting dramatic shadows.
  • Deck and Dock Lights – Deck and Dock Lights are integrated lights for decks and docks made of wood or other types of composite materials. They can be designed into new decks or retrofitted into existing ones. They not only illuminate and beautify outdoor docks and decks but make them safer. Most of these types of hardscape light fixtures feature smooth, rounded edges and small extended lips that help contain light. They can be used along the edges of deck and dock paths, as well as along handrails and support posts.
  • Wall Lights & Garden Lights – Wall and garden lights are decorative hardscape lights that accentuate retaining walls, gardens, and other structural elements. These fixtures are designed to affix seamlessly to almost any type of wall structure. Some products even feature textured lenses that diffuse the light on stone or rock surfaces.
Pathway lights hidden in shrubbery
Walkway lights
Beautiful patio lighting
Pro Lighting Outdoors can help you plan, design, and install your outdoor hardscape lighting in smart ways that enhance the beauty, safety, and functionality of your home or office. We specialize in low voltage hardscape lighting that provides stunning aesthetics, while keeping energy costs down. We can provide replacement products for an existing system or create a brand new custom lighting plan from scratch. Contact us today for free consultation.

What Makes Us the #1 Choice for Exterior Lights in Jacksonville?

  • Experienced Architectural Lighting Specialists
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  • Moon Lighting & White Balance Adjusting Lights
  • Integration with Google Nest and Other Smart Home Systems
  • FWS Certified Turtle-Friendly Fixtures
  • Lifetime Warranty