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Outdoor Recessed Soffit Lighting

Add ambiance and warmth to the exterior of your home with recessed soffit lighting – a stylish and seamless way to light up walls, architectural elements, windows, rooflines, and other exterior areas. Soffit lights can either be exclusive or part of a varied lighting system. Even though many homeowners have a vision in their mind of what type of lights they should get, hiring a professional outdoor lighting company will ensure the best products are selected and the installation is completed to Florida Building Code. Pro Lighting Outdoors, LLC is a premier landscape lighting company in Northeast Florida.

Exterior soffit lighting may require system wiring, electrical connections, and potential access up to very high sections of your home’s exterior. By hiring a licensed professional outdoor lighting expert, not only will you benefit from our knowledge and great design, but you’ll also have the chance to thoroughly review the product warranties and have a reliable expert in your pocket for future service and repairs, if needed!

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Design & Placement of Outdoor Soffit Lighting

As Floridians, we spend a lot of time in our outdoor spaces. That’s why many homeowners want to illuminate their home and outdoor living spaces with the elegant appeal of soffit lighting. Placement and design considerations really matter when planning outdoor lighting, especially when it comes to soffit lighting. Our professional outdoor lighting specialists will determine if there is adequate space to install recessed lights and then carefully plan out the number of lights and the distance between each light that will best suit the architectural style and size of your home. Installing too many soffit lights could wash out the facade or overload your breaker, and having too few lights would leave dark voids and a disjointed overall look. Another important consideration for recessed soffit lighting is the distance from the vertical wall. When installed too close to the vertical wall, exterior soffit lights may cause hot spots. In addition to the lighting design, we’ll also advise you about the type of lights – perhaps LED or low-voltage – that will provide the exact level of illumination that you’re looking for. There are also some great color-changing soffit light systems that work wonders during the holiday season!

Soffit Lighting Provides Additional Home Security

Aside from the curb appeal, an important benefit of exterior soffit lighting is the security benefits. Illuminating your home and property with a custom-designed outdoor lighting system is an efficient, but elegant way to deter trespassers and would-be vandals.  

Energy Efficiency & Savings

Having a lighting design specialist replace old exterior lights with modern LED or low-voltage lights can help you conserve energy and lower your monthly power bills. LED bulbs only consume about 25% of the energy their incandescent predecessors, making it very affordable to have your outdoor lights on every night. A cheap, low-quality lighting product that you’d find in a big box store may, in some instances, last less than three years – a surprising fact that many Florida homeowners don’t think about. Cheap fixtures aren’t built to withstand the heat, sun, salt, and severe weather that we have in North Florida. Higher quality outdoor lighting fixtures can last a decade or longer if properly maintained. If you’re looking for the most bang for your buck, hiring a professional landscape lighting company and investing in high-quality products will result in the best performance and a longer lifespan of the overall system, plus you’ll probably have fewer expenses in the long run.

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