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Front Yard Lighting - Jacksonville, FL

Jacksonville and the First Coast area has many beautiful homes built in a wide variety of architectural styles. It’s no wonder that homeowners in Jacksonville seek to showcase their distinctive homes with front yard lighting. At Pro Lighting Outdoors, we specialize in low voltage exterior lighting and front yard lighting systems are one of our most common requests. We’re always happy to provide free estimates for front yard lighting design and installation.

How to Illuminate the Front of Your Home with Front Yard Lighting

Illuminating the front of your home with front yard lighting not only helps create dramatic nighttime curb appeal, it also serves an important safety function. It lights walkways for visitors, illuminates trees and landscaping features, as well as discourages would-be burglars from approaching the home. Many of our customers also ask about driveway lighting. Keep these ideas in mind when considering front yard lighting:
  • Light the front of your home so that it stands out in your neighborhood and is easy for friends and family to locate.
  • Light footpaths, walkways, steps, and other key areas to help visitors navigate them safely.
  • Light the exterior of your home to highlight the beauty and texture of your building materials such as brick, stone, stucco, or lap siding.
  • Illuminate your front yard landscaping features like gardens, shrubs, flower beds, water fountains, retaining walls and even fencing.
  • Light trees using up-lights or downlights for dramatic effect.
  • Keep in mind that low-voltage lighting is an excellent choice for front yard lighting. It provides ample light for safety, while helping you save significantly on energy costs.

Create a Front Yard Lighting Design Plan

After you’ve given consideration to all of these lighting elements, it’s time to create your front yard lighting design plan. Pro Lighting Outdoors can evaluate your property and create a custom lighting design plan for your home. We’ll consider the overall look that you’re hoping to achieve, identify what type of lighting products are needed for each specific zone, and create a custom design plan using top quality products and electrical systems. Attempting to install exterior lighting in your front yard or anywhere else around you home can be dangerous, and costly, if you don’t have the proper training. Let the experts at Pro Lighting Outdoors give you front yard lighting ideas, discuss available options, and make recommendations based upon your needs, desires, and budget. Front yard lighting can provide you with years of enjoyment and increase your home’s value. Contact us today for a free consultation.

What Makes Us the #1 Choice for Exterior Lights in Jacksonville?

  • Experienced Architectural Lighting Specialists
  • Wi-Fi Ready & Fully Programmable Lighting Systems
  • Low Voltage Fixtures with Extended Lifespans
  • Color Changing Systems
  • Moon Lighting & White Balance Adjusting Lights
  • Integration with Google Nest and Other Smart Home Systems
  • FWS Certified Turtle-Friendly Fixtures
  • Lifetime Warranty