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Best Quality Outdoor Light Fixtures for Your Northeast Florida Landscape

When it comes to outdoor lighting, we here at Pro Lighting Outdoors understand the importance of using high-quality fixtures. From time to time, we have customers ask about the price of lighting systems with brass fixtures that are offered at a lower cost than what Pro Lighting Outdoors offers. Most often, the competing price is from an unlicensed handyman or landscaper using cheaper fixtures. Let’s look at some key factors that set apart the best quality fixtures from the rest so you can better understand the value of investing in professional outdoor lighting and ensuring your investment goes the distance.

Home outdoor lighting with a circular area in the front lit up as well.
Landscape lighting and driveway lighting

The Importance of High-Quality Outdoor Lights

The answer to most questions concerning price differentials in the outdoor lighting industry relates directly to (a) the quality of the light fixtures and (b) the expertise of the outdoor lighting contractor who installs them. If the quote for your outdoor lighting system seems too good to be true, it likely includes cheap, subpar light fixtures or below-average installation by an unlicensed handyman. Let’s explore some of the features that distinguish the best quality outdoor light fixtures from their cheaper counterparts, and why these elements are especially important in the Northeast Florida climate.

  • Material Matters: Cast Brass vs. Spun Brass

One of the most critical distinctions between high-quality and low-quality outdoor light fixtures is the material they are made of. Top-tier lighting fixtures are typically constructed from cast brass, a durable and corrosion-resistant material that can best withstand the elements. In contrast, cheaper light fixtures are usually made of spun brass, which is thinner.

  • Gaskets and Weather Resistance

High-quality outdoor lighting products come equipped with gaskets that provide an extra layer of weather resistance. These gaskets help prevent moisture and debris from entering the fixture, ensuring its longevity and performance. In the humid and sometimes stormy climate of Northeast Florida, that could be crucial.

  • Lens Sealing and Cowl Design

The lens of an outdoor light fixture is a crucial component that affects the quality of the lighting and its durability. High-quality light fixtures have well-sealed lenses, preventing water and bugs from infiltrating the fixture. Some fixtures even feature adjustable cowls, allowing you to direct the light precisely where you want it. The durability of the lighting fixture’s stem and knuckle also plays a vital role in withstanding the elements.

  • Weep Holes and Drainage

In areas with heavy rainfall like North Florida, drainage is essential. High-quality exterior lighting fixtures often incorporate weep holes or slots to ensure proper water drainage. This feature helps prevent water buildup inside the fixture, which otherwise can lead to damage over time.

  • Lamp Socket Placement and Depth

The placement and depth of the lamp socket inside the light fixture can affect the quality of light and its longevity. Cheap outdoor fixtures may cut corners, leading to issues with heat dispersion and the life of the lamp. The best quality light fixtures ensure proper socket placement and depth for optimal performance.

The Pro Lighting Outdoors Difference

At Pro Lighting Outdoors, we are committed to providing the best outdoor lighting solutions for our Northeast Florida clients. We understand our region’s climate and the importance of durable, high-quality fixtures. We tailor our design specifications to your unique requirements, ensuring that the fixtures we recommend are not only aesthetically pleasing and appropriately functional but also built to withstand the challenges posed by North Florida weather so they will last.

We source our products from reputable manufacturers, known for their commitment to quality and durability. Thus, when you choose Pro Lighting Outdoors, you are not only investing in quality light fixtures but also benefiting from our deep expertise in landscape lighting design. Our licensed contractors are trained to install your outdoor lighting system with precision and care, ensuring it functions optimally for many years to come. We take pride in delivering the highest quality of lighting design and service, backed by a commitment to customer satisfaction.

For high-quality outdoor lights and a professional outdoor lighting installation, look no further! Contact Pro Lighting Outdoors today for a consultation and free estimate tailored to your needs.