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Living in Florida means countless nights spent out back soaking up the beautiful year-round weather. From backyard cookouts to sipping coffee in the early morning, there is no doubt that us Floridians are in the most ideal location for taking full advantage of the outdoors! Like with any living space, ambiance is everything. And what better way to create a cozy atmosphere than with outdoor string lighting? Even though every backyard space is different, string lights are totally versatile and there are a variety of ways to incorporate them into your outdoor landscape.


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Outdoor landscapes are something that homeowners put their hearts and souls into – and they should be seen at all hours of the day. Unlike spotlights or recessed soffit lights, string lights do a wonderful job at brightening up an expansive space with overall ambience light. Because of their unrivaled flexibility, string lights can be hung in many different places and ways that aesthetically suit your unique space. From trees to gardens, pergolas, water features, and so much more, there is always room to incorporate these quaint lights in any area that needs a little extra brightening at nighttime.  

While string lights might seem like an easy DIY weekend project, there are a few very important elements to consider before purchasing lights or installing them yourself:

  • Product Quality: How long will the lights last? As with any product going outside, you’ll need to think about the material type and maintenance necessary to keep the lights in good working order for years to come. Many big box store DIY string lights are made of plastic or aluminum which will deteriorate quickly in our Florida climate.

  • Power: Where will you plug the string lights in? Should the lights be low voltage? Those questions are best left to an outdoor lighting professional. Afterall, you don’t want to create any safety hazards around your yard or pool area! We can properly calculate the transformer size, voltage drop, amperage per circuit, and install the proper wiring that will work best for your specific lighting goals and meet Florida building and electrical code.

  • Installation: What will the string lights hang from? Some backyards have trees, a lanai or pergola that string lights can be hung from – but some homeowners just have open air. Pro Lighting Outdoors specializes in exterior lighting design, so we can come up with a customized installation system, including poles or wooden posts, if necessary, that will coordinate with and elevate your outdoor living space!
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Read on to browse a few more creative ways that we can provide outdoor string lighting to perfectly illuminate your own backyard oasis.

  1. String Lights for Pool Area

Warm Florida evenings call for night swimming and lounging by the pool. In addition to creating a relaxing ambiance, installing string lights enhances the pool patio’s safety by making it easier to see any hazards around the pool edge. Oftentimes, people want to hang string lights around or across their pool. However, it is critical that you understand the local building codes and safety regulations. Any lights around a pool area must be low voltage according to Florida Building and Electrical Code. For your safety and peace of mind, it is always best to have a licensed professional install your outdoor lighting!

  1. Drape String Lights Across Your Outdoor Entertainment Space

Outdoor string lights are a great way to define any outdoor entertainment area. When hung over a patio dining area or lounging space, quality string lighting makes it easy for family and friends to socialize after the sun goes down.

  1. String Lights on Fence

For many homes, a backyard fence is necessary for privacy and safety. They also play a big role in the backdrop of any outdoor area. Adding string lights around the perimeter of your fence is an innovative way to brighten up your entire backyard space. Furthermore, fence lights can also enhance the safety of your property by lighting up the whole perimeter.

  1. Dock String Lights

For those who live on the water, there is nothing better than using your dock to enjoy the beautiful views. Draping string lights around your dock fixtures will offer a soft glow for late-night lounging and entertainment and illuminate the harshness of direct overhead lighting.

Jacksonville backyard string lighting

Pro Lighting Outdoor’s Professional String Lighting Design & Installation

Professionally installed outdoor string lighting will not only enhance the beauty of your natural surroundings and create the perfect backyard ambiance, but also enhance the safety and value of your home overall. While there are do-it-yourself options, with a lighting expert on your side, you can avoid the many potential downfalls of DIY lighting and not have to worry about the various complications of wiring and installation. Give Pro Lighting Outdoors a call to schedule a consultation visit!