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Backyard Lighting Specialists in Jacksonville, FL

Backyard lighting is one of the most useful and popular types of outdoor lighting because backyards are where we spend so much of our time outdoors, at home. No one understands this better than those of us living in Jacksonville and Northeast Florida. Our back yards are where we cookout, entertain, laugh, play, swim in the pool, and relax with friends and family. They are also the spaces we gaze out onto during the day and night to admire their beauty. Backyard lighting should always be thoughtfully considered in the context of three key elements: safety lighting, landscape lighting and accent lighting. At Pro Lighting Outdoors, backyard lighting is one of our specialties. Whether it’s planning, installing or servicing hardscape or landscape lighting for your backyard, we’re trusted local outdoor lighting experts, you can rely on.

Lighting Your Backyard: What You Need to Know

When thinking about outdoor backyard lighting for your home, you need to give consideration to the following information about each of the three kinds of backyard lights. In many cases, these kinds of lighting overlap, and that’s OK. After all, you end-goal is a well-coordinated, well-lit, beautiful back yard.

Backyard Safety Lighting

  • Backyard safety lighting is used to illuminate dark areas of the backyard at night to discourage prowlers and animals, and assist with safe navigation around your back yard living space.
  • Security lighting is the brightest of all backyard lighting. It can include motion-sensing floodlights or other standard lighting in key areas to disperse broad areas of light, such as below eaves, on either side or above garages, near fence entries and other areas.
  • LED lighting is great for these features, as LED bulbs are much brighter than incandescent or halogen bulbs of the same wattage. They also come in multiple-bulb configurations.
  • Safety Lighting also includes path lighting to illuminate high-traffic areas such as walkways, steps, garden paths, patios and driveways. Low-voltage LED path lighting can be moderately bright or utilize a softer moon lighting
  • Path lighting not only provides critical safety but element but also enhance the aesthetic beauty of your back yard by showcasing many of its contours.

Backyard Landscape Lighting

  • Backyard landscape lighting, like path lighting, typically utilizes moderate-to-soft LED lights. This kind of lighting is used to highlight landscape elements that go beyond just paths and walkways.
  • Backyard landscape lighting is used for both functional and aesthetic purposes.
  • Backyard landscape lighting can include lighting around gardens and flower beds, spotlights that highlight trees and accent plants, and other features like fountains, in your back yard like fountains, areas around your swimming pool, etc.
  • Landscape lighting can incorporate many different decorative lighting techniques including ground lighting, moon lighting, uplighting & downlighting in trees, and more.

Backyard Accent Lighting

  • Backyard accent lighting, like landscape lighting, is used for both form and function, but is most commonly associated with spotlighting certain hardscape features.
  • This can include backyard features like outdoor wall lighting, garden lights, deck lights, dock lights, patio lighting, porch lanterns, pergola lights and more.
  • String lights are a popular kind of outdoor backyard lighting that provide necessary illumination of social spaces on patios and porches and beneath pergolas, which also create a fun, festive atmosphere. These lights  are available in LED styles that still have that vintage look and feel.
  • Depending upon your desired use, most backyard accent lighting utilizes moderate-to-soft light with low-voltage LED lights being a preferred choice.
Pro Lighting Outdoors can help you plan, design and install your outdoor backyard lighting in ways that provide for its safety, functionality and beauty, all while keeping your energy costs in check with eco-friendly lighting. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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