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About Our Contractors for Exterior Lighting in Jacksonville, FL

Pro Lighting Outdoors is the leading company for low-voltage, exterior lighting in Jacksonville, FL. Our company was founded on one principal concept – that creativity and custom lighting design should be tailored to each of our customer’s needs, allowing beautiful light to be affordable for all.

When you contact us for your landscape lighting in St. Augustine, FL, you will be pleased with the professionalism of our staff and the quality of our work. As the leading lighting contractors in our area, we pride ourselves on making sure every project is perfect. After all, it will be on display every night!

About Our Outdoor Lighting Designs in St. Augustine, FL

There are so many good reasons to install outdoor lighting in St. Augustine, FL, for your home or business. It highlights the house and your landscape, making it a pleasure to look at every time you drive up to your property. Landscape lighting in St. Augustine, FL, also provides the added benefit of security. An illuminated property is more unlikely to be burglarized while you are away. Imagine going on vacation with the peace of mind that your home is safely illuminated.

Save money while lighting up your property with our exterior lighting in Jacksonville, FL. LED bulbs only consume about 25% of the energy their incandescent predecessors do, making it very affordable to have your outdoor lights on every night. A LED system is also safe from an electrical standpoint, as it is a low-voltage system that operates at only 12-15 volts.