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Security & Perimeter Lighting Company in Jacksonville, FL

Perimeter lighting is a key ingredient in creating the perfect mood for an evening outdoors. This type of home exterior lighting is also a great solution to improve your property security. With perimeter lighting, you can create a warm atmosphere that will accentuate your property features and provides for easier navigation at night. Whether you are looking to brighten your property fence lines or outline landscaping areas, perimeter lighting is a great choice for exterior lighting systems.

Different Types of Perimeter Lightings for Your Home or Business

There are various ways to use perimeter lighting around your home that are beneficial when creating the perfect outdoor spaces.
  • Fence Lighting It’s easy to see the beauty of the fences that border your yard or patio during the day. By adding fence lighting, you can transform the look of your enclosed space during the night hours as well. Post lighting, ground lighting or adding lights along the fence railings will help improve visibility.
  • Safety Lighting Perimeter lighting not only provides beautiful outdoor aesthetics, but also deters unwanted visitors from entering your property at night. A lack of exterior lighting can also contribute to accidents. Exterior lighting such as fence lighting, motion detector lights and other entranceway lights around a property is a great security feature.
  • Landscape Lighting – Landscape lighting is perfect for enhancing your home decorative details such as gardens and patio spaces. Consider upward lighting around your large trees, and exterior lights surrounding a pool or fire pit, and perimeter lighting throughout your garden to highlight flower beds.
  • Pathway Lighting – Pathway lighting is a type of perimeter lighting designed to help people navigate through the yard, sidewalks or driveways that might otherwise be difficult to see at night. Pathway lights can be easily installed on both sides of main walkways that lead from front doors to driveways, or from back doors out around a patio space or pool deck.

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Illuminate your home and exterior with the professional landscape lights that increase your property’s safety and aesthetics. Pro Lighting Outdoors, LLC is a premier outdoor and landscape lighting company serving homeowners and businesses throughout Jacksonville and St. Augustine area. Give us a call today to schedule a consultation and start discussing your lighting goals.

What Makes Us the #1 Choice for Perimeter Lights in Jacksonville?

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