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Patio Area Lighting Company in Jacksonville, FL

The right lighting is significant when it comes to setting the mood in any space. Lighting fixtures are just as important to designing a welcoming outdoor living area as they are to indoor spaces. As the night falls, patio area lighting will help to brighten seating areas, deck railing and landscaping elements. Not only does this type of home exterior lighting add a stylish boost to your home, there are many practical advantages as well.

Advantages of Patio Area Lighting:

  • Illuminate dark corners and steps
  • Increase security with ample lighting
  • Create a warm and welcoming outdoor living atmosphere
  • Highlight landscaping and architectural features
  • Increase curb appeal with front patio/porch lighting
Patio Area Lighting Patio Area Lighting
Considering the benefits that come along with patio area lighting, it’s time to explore some of the different outdoor lighting design ideas that you can incorporate to your home that are both functional and decorative.

Down Lighting

Exterior down lighting can be installed to the underside of railings, seating walls, overhangs and pergolas. Down lighting allows for minimal visual “clutter” because it’s installed above your eyeline, and helps provide just the right level of illumination to your patio, deck or front porch areas. Similar to wall lights, this style of lighting is excellent for highlighting your home’s exterior architectural or design features. Small, low-voltage lights can even be installed underneath stair treads on outdoor steps for additional safety and more visibility in the evenings.
Exterior Down Patio Area Lighting Exterior Down Patio Area Lighting

Pendants & Chandeliers

For those homeowners with a covered patio space, you can also enhance an outdoor seating arrangement or dining space with a decorative hanging pendant light or chandelier. Layering lights, with wall lights plus a hanging light fixture, will add to the atmosphere. Pendant lights and chandelier also have the advantage of emitting a softer, warmer glow than many exterior LED lights.
Chandelier Patio Lighting


Outdoor lanterns are perfect for giving a rustic look to any outdoor setting whether it be your front porch or backyard patio. No matter if you prefer the traditional lantern look or have the urge to explore more modern shapes and styles, outdoor lanterns will provide a charming element to your home’s exterior design.

String Lighting

Outdoor string lights will add a touch of magic to any patio area. String lights have become a very popular choice for outdoor spaces, and are a versatile option to compliment any style. The best part? String lights are relatively easy to install and move around as needed. Whether you want to add a vintage flare by hanging Edison bulbs around the railings of your patio or choose a string of mini bulbs for a subtle, modern look—string lights are a simple and convenient solution that makes a big impact on the overall ambiance of your outdoor areas.
String Patio Lighting
If your space has different lighting needs, choose a combination of pendants, wall lights and pathway lighting that are part of the same brand collection or have very similar colors. The matching styles will help tie your outdoor space together.

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