Outdoor Kitchen Lighting Design & Installation – Jacksonville, FL

Here in Jacksonville and throughout Northeast Florida, outdoor kitchens are becoming an essential feature for many homes. Florida’s warm weather enables us to make use of our outdoor living spaces both day and night, almost year-round—making lighting for outdoor kitchens equally indispensable. Pro Lighting Outdoors provides years of experience in outdoor kitchen lighting design, installation, and repair services in Jacksonville, FL. If you need a licensed, professional outdoor lighting contractor for your summer kitchen, look no further!

Our Outdoor Kitchen Lighting Includes:

  • Outdoor Kitchen Lighting Design, Engineering & Installation Services
  • Repair, Maintenance & Cleaning Services for Existing Systems
  • Remodeling, Renovations & Upgrades
  • Lighting for Summer Kitchens, Patios & Indoor-Outdoor Spaces
  • Recessed Lights, Mounted Lights, Ground Lights, Stove & Countertop Lights
  • Pool Deck, Walkway, Lanai, Gazebo, Garden & Landscape Lighting
  • Outdoor Kitchen Low-Voltage Halogen & LED Lighting
  • Professional, Affordable Service
  • Free Estimates!


Outdoor kitchen lighting in Jacksonville, FL

Outdoor Summer Kitchen Lighting Ideas For Your Northeast Florida Home

When it comes to both beauty and functionality, custom lighting for your outdoor summer kitchen can make all the difference in the world. Simply put, if you’re going to invest in a summer kitchen or other outdoor living space, then you should pay careful attention to your lighting. Your needs will depend upon the specific layout and design of your outdoor kitchen. Is it an indoor outdoor space? Is it covered or connected to a deck, pool or pergola? Will you incorporate a fireplace or a place to watch TV?

At minimum you will need utilitarian lighting for your entire outdoor kitchen to illuminate the living space, stove, kitchen countertops, and other key areas. Recessed ceiling lights are one popular option and it is a great idea to use dimmers to control these. You want to be able to create an atmosphere, and this is the first step.

Next, you move onto decorative lighting for outdoor kitchens. There are many lighting options for summer kitchens to help set a mood of luxury and sophistication. This can include low-voltage LED lighting, accent lights for artwork and plants, up lighting and down lighting, wall sconces, table lights and even chandeliers for dining areas. String lights or “fairy lights” for outdoor patios are also a fun way to create a festive mood for your summer kitchen.

Pro Lighting Outdoors can help you plan, design and install your outdoor summer kitchen or any outdoor living area in smart ways that keep your costs down and satisfaction high. Contact us today for a free estimate.


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Low Voltage Halogen & LED Lights for Outdoor Summer Kitchens

You want your outdoor kitchen to perform as great as it looks. For this reason, consider using low voltage and LED lights for your outdoor summer kitchen. Pro Lighting Outdoors specializes in low-voltage and LED lighting for outdoor kitchens in a variety of styles, including standard incandescent low-voltage lights, low voltage halogen incandescent lights, and LED (light-emitting diode) lights.

LED lights can be screwed into sockets and also come in strip lighting or other configurations that ensure optimal energy-efficiency, low maintenance, durability and control. Low voltage lighting can be used to accent plants, walkways, counters, seating areas and key architectural features providing a glamorous look for your outdoor kitchen. Best of all, these low voltage lights are high-performing and eco-friendly, as good for your wallet as they are for the planet!

Outdoor Kitchen Lighting Repairs & Maintenance

Pro Lighting Outdoors not only provides professional outdoor kitchen lighting design, engineering and installation for new residential and commercial projects, but also services summer kitchen lighting renovations and remodels, and provides full outdoor kitchen lighting repairs and maintenance services.

Outdoor kitchen lighting repair, maintenance and installation (or any kind of lighting) can be dangerous and even deadly to people who don’t know what they are doing. Please do not attempt to do-it-yourself by watching a YouTube video! Call Pro Lighting Outdoors and let one of our designers and professional electrical outdoor lighting contractors help you illuminate the Florida outdoor kitchen of your dreams.


What Makes Us the #1 Choice for Exterior Lights in Jacksonville?

  • Experienced Architectural Lighting Specialists
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  • Low Voltage Fixtures with Extended Lifespans
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  • Integration with Google Nest and Other Smart Home Systems
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