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The front exterior of your house is the first thing visitors notice when they arrive – so why not make it visible both day and night? Driveway and front yard lighting design can have a major impact on the look and feel of a home and can draw attention to your home’s most desirable features. From directed spotlights to soft glows, there are so many fun ways to illuminate your front yard landscape. Read on to learn 5 Florida landscape lighting ideas to illuminate your front yard this summer.


  1. Spotlights

Spotlights are used to put a stronger emphasis on specific landscape features in your yard, like trees, columns, or garden features. As opposed to floodlights that spread light across wide areas of space, spotlights have a narrow beam used to enhance distinct areas and make them fully visible. A landscape lighting expert can help guide you about which areas spotlights will be the most beneficial for a perfectly illuminated front yard or entrance.

outdoor lighting Outdoor Lighting


  1. Driveway Lighting

Keeping your driveway and front walkways illuminated not only accents any paver or stonework that has been laid, but it adds protection to your home as well. All landscape lights, especially walkway and pathway lighting, are extremely valuable for personal safety. A well-lit home discourages criminals. Pro Lighting Outdoors can accentuate your driveway, foot paths, steps, and landscaping with low voltage, energy-efficient LED and moon lighting using post lamps, spotlights, or cored LED paver fixtures.

Outdoor LightingOutdoor Lighting


  1. Front Porch Lighting

Front porch lighting provides excellent illumination to the focal point of your home.  This is an area where homeowners can get extra creative with their exterior lighting choices. For example, one option could be to install hanging lights, such as pendants or chandeliers, to elevate their entry space. Wall sconces or string lighting can also add character and ambience. No matter which routes you decide to go, illuminating your front porch space is the perfect way to improve security, safety, and visibility as guests approach your front door in the evening.


  1. Lighting for Stairs

If your home’s exterior features stairs, then stairway lighting is a must! It especially makes sense to use stairway lighting if your home’s outdoor steps are at the focal point of your property. Highlighting stairs with proper outdoor lighting will ensure that you and your guests are always safe, because it’s so easy to miss a step in the dark. In addition to providing clear navigation, stairway lighting is also a great way to create a welcoming atmosphere in general. Your guests are certain to feel right at home when they approach a lighted staircase.



  1. Wall Washing

Wall washing is known as lighting that eliminates shadows and highlights a home’s architecture by flooding it with bright uniform light at a wide angle. These types of lighting fixtures are typically mounted on the ground and positioned in a way to produce an up-lighting effect. Outdoor wall washing is particularly popular in landscape lighting techniques in order to highlight certain architectural aspects of a home and to even make certain spaces appear larger than they are. Wall washing is a fantastic option for homeowners who have interesting patterns or textures on their home’s exterior.

Side of house with exterior lights Garage door lights from Pro Lighting Outdoors

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