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Looking to brighten up your Florida home? Exterior lighting is the perfect way to illuminate your outdoor living spaces at night and make your home one of the most charming on the block. Read on to learn three types of popular outdoor lighting systems for Florida homes that will add beauty to your home when the sun goes down.

If you are interested in outdoor lighting for your Florida home in Greater Jacksonville, St. Augustine, or other areas of Northeast Florida, contact Pro Lighting Outdoors at (904) 924-4496. We specialize in low-voltage landscape and architectural lighting and can assist you with any of your outdoor lighting installation or repairs.

1. Pool and Patio Lighting

Pool Lighting

There’s nothing like the right lighting to set the mood for your backyard oasis. For Florida homeowners who have a pool, outdoor lighting is a great way to define your backyard landscaping, enhance pool features (waterfalls, fountains and spas) and create a shimmering effect on the surface of the water when night falls. If you’re looking to add some extra allure to your pool and patio space, installing landscape lighting is the perfect way to transform your backyard into a paradise. Whether you need to install or replace your pool and patio lighting, add long-lasting LED moonlighting to your landscape, or design a colorful custom lagoon, the pool and patio lighting professionals at Pro Lighting Outdoors can help you.

Patio Lighting

Outdoor lighting fixtures are just as important as indoor lighting fixtures when it comes to creating a welcoming space, especially for Floridians who likely spend a good amount of time enjoying the beautiful weather year-round. In addition to lighting up you pool area, there are also many other areas of a patio that need some brightening as the sun goes down, such as dark corners, steps, architectural features, gardens, and other landscaping. Down lighting is a great option for patios, adding just the right level of illumination to your space.

2. Tree Lighting

As striking as the trees in your yard may be during the day, they can also cast a shade of darkness over your landscape once nighttime rolls around. That is why many Florida homeowners opt for uplighting the trees in their front yards. Uplighting simply means that the lights are installed at the base of the tree, aiming up towards the branches to better highlight the tree’s unique features.

Incorporating uplighting into your yard will not only illuminate your tree’s features but also can significantly enhance the look of your entire yard landscaping. Gardens, shrubbery, water fountains, retaining walls, and even fencing are all areas that could also benefit from uplighting.

3. Boat Lighting

Having a dock at your property is certainly a luxury but can also come with considerable safety risks. With that said, homeowners with a dock understand the importance of having proper exterior lighting in order to prevent slip and fall accidents, boat collisions, and other possible area hazards when it gets dark outside. Dock lights are lighting fixtures that provide illumination along the walkways, stairs, and docking areas.

Along with providing proper lighting at night for safe navigation, boat dock lighting also increases the aesthetics of your dock area. Marine-grade stainless steel and brass lighting fixtures are among the best options for dock lighting, as they prevent corrosion or rust and are able to withstand the most demanding elements. LED Lights are also a great option as they are energy-efficient and have a long lifespan.