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How to Protect Your Home with Security Lights

Installing security lighting for your home’s exterior is a great way to have added peace of mind while you are out for the night. Though high-powered floodlights are useful for commercial areas, they may not be suitable for your home. For starters, the neighbors will not like these blinding lights shining into their own home. […]

The Basics of Landscape Light Paths

Landscape lights not only provide a safe walkway to and from your home, but they can create a pleasing, warm glow to highlight specific areas of your outdoor arrangement. Wired, low-voltage lights are easy to install and can create a beautiful effect in your yard. Alternatively, more standardized security lights in Jacksonville, FL, may provide […]

Stop Burglars with their Body Heat!

Motion detecting security lights in Jacksonville, FL, are a great first step to preventing intruders from approaching your home. Someone crossing its path will trigger conventional motion sensors, but they can also pick up animals, tree limbs, and heavy ran as motion as well. Fortunately, there is a way to find security lighting that can […]

How to Control an Outdoor Security Light

By installing security lights in Jacksonville, FL, you will be able to ensure your home deters burglars when you are not home. One of the best things about these lights is that you can set them to be on only when you want! If you want more control over when and how your security lights […]