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Outdoor Lighting Helps Increase Property Value and Curb Appeal

Adding an outdoor lighting system can not only enhance your home’s nighttime curb appeal but also increase its market value if you sell one day in the future. Our Florida customers typically choose residential outdoor lighting for the driveway, the home’s exterior or soffits, the front yard, along the property perimeter, walking paths, or the pool patio and more! Whether you’re looking to showcase your Florida home on the market or simply boost your home’s security and safety with an outdoor lighting system from Pro Lighting Outdoors, we’re here to explain different outdoor lighting options that can help level up your home’s curb appeal and property value.

Home Exterior Lighting

Home exterior lighting can be customized to match the home’s architectural structure and your unique style preferences. Pro Lighting Outdoors works with homeowners to explore low-voltage outdoor fixtures and lighting design that will achieve the results they are looking for while providing the best energy performance and product lifespan in the Florida climate. The sky truly is the limit to what incredible home exterior lighting designs can be achieved when choosing the outdoor lighting experts at Pro Lighting Outdoors.

Here are a few common ways to light up the exterior facade of a home:

  • Architectural lighting – used to spotlight specific architectural features such as columns, arches, or other decorative elements.
  • Recessed soffit lights – equally spaced recessed lights running under the roofline soffit areas that provides a balanced glow to the entire structure.
  • Motion sensor lights – strategically installed above head to flood a large area with light for safety and security.
  • Upper Story Lighting – It’s important to illuminate the home properly, even the top or upper stories if it has them. Some outdoor lighting companies don’t do that and keep everything on the ground level. Pro Lighting Outdoors makes sure to incorporate upper story lighting in our outdoor lighting designs.

Front Yard Landscape Lighting

An easy way to brighten, amplify, and increase security around your home is to install front yard lighting. Pro Lighting Outdoors can design and install an outdoor lighting system to illuminate walkways, steps, landscaping features, trees, or other elements of your front yard. Adding some landscape lights into the overall outdoor lighting design can add a dramatic welcome as soon as guests drive up to your property.

Landscape lighting is also an effective way to help prevent potential crime or accidents from occurring on your property. Pro Lighting Outdoors can evaluate your property and create a custom outdoor lighting system that best suits your front yard and landscape.

Driveway & Pathway Lighting

One of the first areas that guests may see will be your driveway and garage. Adding outdoor lighting touches to this area will increase safety and create a welcoming ambiance. Pro Lighting Outdoors sources low voltage, energy-efficient LED lighting products to outline driveways and walking paths. There are also options like cored LED paver fixtures, post lamps, or solar lights to enhance your driveway and front walkway areas and add an additional level of safety for absolute peace of mind.

Security & Perimeter Lighting

As Jacksonville’s top choice for outdoor lighting contractors, Pro Lighting Outdoors is an expert at creatively designing outdoor lighting systems with not only beauty, but security top of mind. Security and perimeter lighting is an essential element of any home’s overall security plan. A residence that has properly lit entryways and exterior perimeters is less likely to be a target for criminals. Outdoor lights can be installed along fences or garden walls and spotlights can illuminate trees that are close to the home. Pro Lighting Outdoors will work with you to create a custom lighting design for your property that will increase safety and security for your Florida home.

Maximizing your home’s curb appeal with outdoor lighting design from Northeast Florida’s Pro Lighting Outdoors is an excellent way to increase the return on your investment and add to your home’s charm. Are you ready to get started on your outdoor lighting system? Contact us today!