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Illuminated façadeOutdoor lighting is a great way to provide security and illumination to the exterior of your home. Whether you are installing security lighting or garden lights in St. Augustine, FL, you want to ensure your fixtures and electrical wiring are safe and secure. Below are three tips on how to make your exterior lighting safe.

Install Outdoor-Rated Fixtures

When installing lights outside, you want to ensure the fixtures are meant to be placed outdoors to begin with. Otherwise, your home could be in danger due to a variety of electrical malfunctions. Lights specifically designed for the exterior are also weatherproof and suitable for a variety of climates. At Pro Lighting Outdoors, we specialize in exterior fixtures so you can be sure your home’s lighting is in good hands.

Use Outdoor-Rated Bulbs

Once the fixtures are installed, you want to ensure your lightbulbs are suitable for the outdoors as well. When it comes time to replace the bulbs, it is essential to purchase ones that will withstand the elements and wattage of your fixture.

Do Not Overlamp a Fixture

When it comes to choosing the bulbs you use, you do not want to go over the maximum wattage it can handle. This is important for outdoor fixtures, as you do not want to run into any issues or hazards with your lighting due to an electrical overload.