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When building a new construction home, there are countless decisions to be made – from the layout and paint colors to the appliances, flooring, and more. However, one element that is often neglected or completely overlooked is outdoor landscape lighting. That’s a real shame because nighttime lighting is one of the most elegant ways to showcase the features of a beautiful, new construction home. For many new homeowners, basic flood lights on the garage and corners of the house just won’t suffice.


If you’re ready to enhance your new construction home with beautiful exterior illumination, look no further than Pro Lighting Outdoors. As a leading provider of outdoor lighting solutions, Pro Lighting Outdoors offers custom design and lighting installation that can elevate the ambiance and security of your property. From driveway lights to garage door lights and more, we’ll help illuminate your new home and create a welcoming atmosphere that will impress the whole neighborhood.

The Impact of Outdoor Lighting Design on New Construction Homes

Outdoor lighting design plays a crucial role in the overall appearance and safety of a new home. Properly illuminating the driveway, walkways, backyard patio or pool enclosure can really help your family and pets get acclimated to your new space. Additional lights can also be added along fenced perimeters, gates, and mailboxes to increase your property’s security.


While many new construction homes are built with basic outdoor lighting, they often fall short in providing the professional-caliber, custom design that discerning homeowners desire.

  • Improved Home Aesthetics – Thoughtful outdoor lighting design can significantly enhance a home’s aesthetic appeal. When the sun sets, well-designed driveway and garage door lights can transform an ordinary property into a captivating visual spectacle. Strategic lighting in recessed soffits can accentuate architectural features, create dramatic shadows, and make your home look welcoming and inviting at night.
  • Enhanced Safety and Security – Good outdoor lighting design is also essential for safety and security. A well-lit driveway and perimeter can deter potential intruders and give homeowners peace of mind. It can also prevent accidents by illuminating potential hazards like steps, uneven surfaces, and low-hanging obstacles.

Pro Lighting Outdoors: Your Top Choice for Exterior Lighting Design & Installation

Pro Lighting Outdoors is the beacon of light that every new homeowner needs. Our experience in Northeast Florida means we know the best light fixtures and design elements for Florida homes and can take your property to new heights of aesthetic appeal and security. Whether it’s accentuating the architectural elements with recessed soffit lighting, spotlighting landscaping areas, or color-changing lights by the backyard barbeque, Pro Lighting Outdoors has the expertise and resources to illuminate your outdoor spaces into charming and safe environments.

Here are few of the most popular types of outdoor lights that we have done:

Landscape and pathway lighting - Florida outdoor lighting
Outdoor Lighting

Driveways & Garage Lights

Driveway and garage lights play an instrumental role in shaping the curb appeal of your home. These lighting elements guide your visitors toward the entrance, maximize visibility for vehicles and pedestrians, and add architectural depth to your property.

jacksonville outdoor lighting
Pool and hot tub lit up

Pool Patio Lights

When following the proper code requirements, installing lights around your pool patio, spa, or hot tub can be a great way to enhance the area and extend usage time. As night falls, pool patio lighting will help to brighten seating areas, lanai enclosures, deck railing and landscaping elements that run along the perimeter of the patio space. Popular lighting choices include outdoor lanterns, string lights, color changing LEDs, down lighting, and pendants.

Landscape lighting to illuminate your trees and home
Recessed soffit lighting and landscape lighting

Exterior Recessed Soffit Lights

Placement and design considerations really matter when planning outdoor lighting, especially when it comes to soffit lighting. Our professional outdoor lighting specialists will determine if there is adequate space to install recessed lights on your new home and then carefully plan out the number of lights and the distance between each light that will best suit the architectural style and size of your home.

The Pro Lighting Outdoors Commitment to Excellence

At Pro Lighting Outdoors, the focus is not just on providing high-quality lighting solutions but also ensuring a positive customer experience. We are committed to offering friendly, transparent, professional service to every customer. From the initial consultation to the final installation, Pro Lighting Outdoors works diligently to understand your goals and lighting preferences, and recommending quality lighting solutions that offer efficiency and performance. We believe in going above and beyond standard service to deliver personalized lighting solutions that truly resonate with your personality and taste.

Illuminate Your New Construction Home with Top-Quality Outdoor Lights from Pro Lighting Outdoors

Outdoor lighting design is an integral aspect of any new construction home, impacting both its aesthetics and security. While many homes come with basic outdoor lighting, professional-caliber designs can truly elevate a property’s appeal and functionality. So why settle for less when you have Pro Lighting Outdoors at your service? With our experience and comprehensive range of services, transforming your new construction home’s exterior from builder-grade into a stunning visual treat is now more accessible than ever. Contact Pro Lighting Outdoors today for a consultation!