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Ever taken a stab at trying to illuminate your own backyard sitting area or oasis with a do-it-yourself Custom lighting kit from a local hardware store? More times than not, this seemingly easy task quickly turns into hours of untangling light strands, discovering broken or unlit bulbs, enduring various measurement obstacles, and never quite achieving the perfectly radiant space you were envisioning from the start.

Why not avoid the headache of it all by working with a landscape lighting professional who is able to give you customized solutions for pretty much any exterior area of your home? From brightened walkways and driveways to perfectly lit pool surrounds, trees, gardens, boat docks, and even commercial properties ­– Pro Lighting Outdoors in Jacksonville, FL, offers an array of outdoor lighting design services that will completely transform a property.


Custom Exterior Lighting Design for Your Home

  1. Walkway and Driveway Lighting

The driveway and/or front walkway are critical aspects of your home’s curb appeal, and ultimately, its security as well. At Pro Lighting Outdoors, our team has extensive experience with installing custom-designed walkway and driveway lighting systems not only created to complement your home’s unique landscape but to also ensure safety and enjoyment at night. With many various styles and colors of lighting fixtures available, this is a great way for homeowners to really get creative with their home’s exterior appearance. Accentuate your driveway, footpaths, steps, and landscaping with a low voltage, energy-efficient LED lighting system created by Pro Lighting Outdoors, the expert in North Florida outdoor lighting design.

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  1. Pool Perimeter Lighting

Spring is here, and summer is right around the corner! That means more outdoor barbecues and nightly swims are in the near future for many Florida homeowners. Our Custom lighting options give pool owners the opportunity to change up the vibe of their outdoor oasis when day turns to night and put a bold emphasis on beautiful water features and poolside architectural elements. Professional design, installation and repair of outdoor pool lighting is more affordable than you might imagine. Whether installing or replacing deck & pool lights, adding long-lasting LED moon lighting to your pool or landscape, or designing an exotic colorful custom lagoon with its own custom lighting, Pro Lighting Outdoors can help showcase your pool area and turn your backyard into a magical oasis!

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  1. Garden Lighting

Homes are our pride and joy in many different ways. It takes a talented green thumb to grow an aesthetically pleasing home garden, so why not hire a talented lighting expert to help showcase your garden landscape around the clock? Pro Lighting Outdoors can help you plan, design, and install landscape lights throughout your garden in smart ways that enhance its beauty and light up showcase elements or features.

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  1. Lighting for Community Entrances

Nothing says community like a welcoming entrance and ambiance. Did you know that Pro Lighting Outdoors also specializes in illuminating community properties? Our team has worked with a number of housing communities throughout Northeast Florida to light up neighborhood entrance signage areas to let their homeowners and guests know they are in the right place even when the roads get dark.

It could be argued that these community entrance landscapes are even more captivating at night underneath the soft glow of perfectly placed custom outdoor lighting systems and fixtures. With professionally designed and installed outdoor lighting system in key areas, communities can provide better visibility, security, and usability of their entrance and other public spaces.

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Professional Custom Outdoor Lighting Designs in Northeast Florida

Quality exterior lighting differentiates a good property from a great one. Let our team at Pro Lighting Outdoors create the outdoor oasis of your dreams that you can enjoy at all times. Give us a call to schedule a free at-home estimate for your custom lighting.