How to Enhance Your Home’s Curb Appeal, Part 1

Gorgeous luxury houseWhen you are looking to enhance the curb appeal of your home, there are a variety of ways you can go about it. Whether you are looking to sell quickly or want to have a stunning visual appearance for your own enjoyment, creating an attractive space can have many benefits.

Below are some ways you can boost the appearance of your home’s exterior.

Refinish or repaint the front door: A weathered and faded front door can significantly reduce the exterior’s appearance. Painting or refinishing the door is a very affordable way to add new life to your home. If it falls within your neighborhood’s code, you can opt to paint the door a fun, vibrant color to coordinate with the rest of your landscaping.

Replace the hardware and lighting fixtures: Replacing the hardware of your door is an easy and affordable way to change up the style. You can also update your landscape lighting in St. Augustine, FL, to have more ornate or modern fixtures.

Update the entryway décor: New lights, a mailbox, doorbell, and door knocker are all great things to update to help improve the look of your home. Even something as simple as cleaning and repainting can help your exterior look more put together.

Add or replace house numbers: House numbers make it easy for friends, guests, and mail deliverers to identify your home. If your house numbers are missing, falling apart, or hidden, replacing them will help your house be easier to find and look more polished and cared for.

The Basics of Landscape Light Paths

Pathway lights hidden in shrubberyLandscape lights not only provide a safe walkway to and from your home, but they can create a pleasing, warm glow to highlight specific areas of your outdoor arrangement. Wired, low-voltage lights are easy to install and can create a beautiful effect in your yard. Alternatively, more standardized security lights in Jacksonville, FL, may provide the functionality you need to walk safely from your car to the front door.

Line Voltage vs. Low Voltage

When it comes to pathway lighting, low voltage is the more commonly installed variety. Their heavy transformer, thick cable, and attached lights make them easy to distinguish against other lighting options. Line voltage lights require a professional to install and will need their cables buried deep underground.

Purchasing Kits or Individual Lights

When installing yourself, a kit may be the best option. However, when you want to have full freedom over placement and look of your landscape lighting, purchasing the individual parts may be your best bet. Pro Lighting Outdoors is available to install a variety of pathway light options that are sure to boost the appearance and security of your home.

If you are interested in pathway lighting in Jacksonville, FL, contact Pro Lighting Outdoors today to schedule service. You can reach our lighting contractors by calling (904) 924-4496 or through the email form on our contact page.

How to Create Good Feng Shui in your Garden

Garden lights in Jacksonville, FLFeng Shui is a system of laws meant to govern the arrangement and orientation of space in relation to the flow of energy. This energy flow, called qi, will provide positive or negative effects on those within the area, depending on the arrangement. Applying good Feng Shui in your garden will bring good energy into your plants and your home. Below are three ways to create good energy in your garden.

  1. Outdoor Fountains

Fountains are a vital water element in Feng Shui and are one of the best outdoor products you can buy to help create positive energy. You can use any design that matches your garden or budget. Not only will a fountain bring good energy to your space, but it will provide a relaxing trickle of water when working outdoors.

  1. Garden Lights

Installing garden lights in Jacksonville, FL, will bring gentle elements to your garden, as well as additional illumination for when you’re working late into the evening. When installing garden lights, you want to ensure the light is balanced in all areas. Additional lighting can also help to ward off small animals and trespassers.

  1. A Resting Place

Adding a bench or other resting place in your garden is excellent Feng Shui. By resting, you will be able to absorb the silence and nourishing energy of the outdoors, while recovering from a hot day under the sun. Depending on the size and design of your garden and immediate area, you can choose from a variety of seating materials and styles, from a wooden bench to a cushioned swing.

Stop Burglars with their Body Heat!

Masked thief breaking into a homeMotion detecting security lights in Jacksonville, FL, are a great first step to preventing intruders from approaching your home. Someone crossing its path will trigger conventional motion sensors, but they can also pick up animals, tree limbs, and heavy ran as motion as well. Fortunately, there is a way to find security lighting that can distinguish between natural disturbances and an actual person approaching.

Use Lights with Body Heat Sensors

Modern sensors can identify body heat through the use of infrared rays. When someone is approaching the home, the sensors will then turn on the lights. Though this may still pick up smaller animals depending on the sensitivity, body heat sensors allow you to know exactly when someone, or something, is on your property.

Depending on your exterior lighting setup, you can light only the front area or have a series of lights kick on when the sensor is triggered. For example, you can have a light turn on or brighten in your home at the same time the outer lights turn on. This will inform you that someone is approaching, and deter the unwanted person by making them think someone is home on the inside as well.

For more information on security lights in Jacksonville, FL, contact Pro Lighting Outdoors today to schedule service with our company. You can reach us at (904) 924-4496.

How to Control an Outdoor Security Light

Home with security lighting on at duskBy installing security lights in Jacksonville, FL, you will be able to ensure your home deters burglars when you are not home. One of the best things about these lights is that you can set them to be on only when you want!

If you want more control over when and how your security lights are illuminated, we will be happy to explain all of your options when it comes to controls. There are two different ways you can control your outdoor lights: automatic controls and controls you set.

Automatic Control

Nearly every set of security lights in Jacksonville, FL, has a control that will keep the lights off during the daylight hours. These controls are commonly operated by a timer, photocells, or both. The photocell is a closed switch that will only open when light is present. This means other controls will have power any time it is dark outside.

Many automatically controlled lights also come with motion-detectors. These will use an infrared view to sense a warm body near the sensor’s field of vision. As soon as someone is within range, the lights will turn on.

Set Your Controls

Other lighting options come with controls you can customize to your liking. You can program your lights to stay dimmed and then brighten as they are triggered, rather than completely off. These also allow you to turn the lights on at any point during the day to ensure they are working correctly. You can also set when you want the lights to be on, such as from dusk to dawn, three hours after dark, or six hours after dark.

Benefits of Having Lights Installed around Your Pool

Pool lights in Jacksonville, FLPool lights in Jacksonville, FL, are a great way to transform your outdoor environment and improve your family’s swimming experience. By installing pool lighting, you will be able to create a backyard ambiance that matches your mood, décor style, and pool area theme. Below are just some of the benefits of installing lights around your pool.

Pool and Spa Lighting

Pool lights in Jacksonville, FL, can help define the mood you want your backyard to have. Whether you want a fun swimming area for the kids or a relaxing spa area for yourself, lighting can help you define the mood.

Pool lighting will create a sparkling effect on the water at night, delivering a beautiful and calming visual. Lights around your pool will also add a vibrant, mood-enhancing color, depending on the bulbs you choose. Regardless of the mood you are going for, one great benefit is that lighting around the pool will significantly extend your swimming time. If you have kids who are impossible to keep out of the water during the summer, this could be a fantastic investment for the long-term.

Another benefit of pool lighting is that it increases the safety around the pool, especially at night. Keeping your home as safe as possible is essential to peace of mind, and adequate lighting will do just that!

For more information on how pool lighting can benefit your home, contact Pro Lighting Outdoors today at (904) 924-4496.

3 Beautiful Ways to Light up Your Deck

decorative exterior lighting in Jacksonville, FLLighting up your deck can extend its use and allow you and your guests to enjoy long, pleasant summer nights together. You can utilize deck lighting for a variety of purposes, such as safety, an outdoor dining area, along railings and steps, and to highlight any landscape or architectural features. Below are three beautiful ways you can light up your deck with exterior lighting in Jacksonville, FL.

  1. Create an Outdoor Spa

If you have a hot tub on your deck, you can create a relaxing outdoor spa that can be used at any time. By opting for natural landscaping around the area and soft, delicate lighting, you will be able to take a dip in the hot tub after work, exercise, or an all-around rough day. You can choose natural, Japanese-style décor to create your own onsen experience.

  1. An Intimate and Comforting Dining Space

To keep the night sky above you while still having enough light to see, you can string stainless steel cables over the deck and drape gorgeous vintage string lights above your table. This will provide a beautiful outdoor eating experience that your guests will love to hang out in long after the meal is over.

  1. Ensure Your Deck is Safe for All

If you have children in the house, your primary goal may be to ensure the deck is safe during the evening for your kids. Fortunately, you do not have to sacrifice style for functionality. Illuminating the steps of the deck will ensure safe passage by all, regardless of their age.

How to Impress Your Guests with Gorgeous Walkway Lighting

Home walkway lighting companyMaking a great impression on your visitors is crucial. However, showing off your home’s best assets is difficult in the evening and at night. Fortunately, there is a great way to highlight the beauty of your property at all hours and ensure your visitors feel welcome: walkway lighting.

Choosing the Right Fixtures for Walkway Lighting

Not just any fixtures will do for your walkway lighting. You want to choose fixtures that complement your exterior design and meet your power requirements. There is a diverse array of fixtures to choose from for outdoor walkway lighting in Jacksonville, FL. Sizes, shapes, and styles vary widely, not to mention voltages and power sources. The experts at Pro Lighting Outdoors are always available to help you narrow down your search to the ideal product.

Ensuring the Lights Are Placed Effectively

Placement also has a big impact on the effectiveness and beauty of lighting. You want your lights to be placed close enough together to guide your visitors well, but you also don’t want to drown your exterior in lights. Likewise, you want the illumination to highlight the right features on your property. Work with a professional lighting designer for maximum impact.

Contact us for further information on effective outdoor walkway lighting ideas, design, and installation. We are proud to serve clients throughout Jacksonville, Florida, and the surrounding areas.

Your Source of Outdoor Lighting Inspiration

Well-lit garden and patio at nightAre you looking for inspiration for your property’s outdoor lighting design? You have come to the right place! Pro Lighting Outdoors is one of the most trusted companies for outdoor lighting in the area. Look to us for illumination on what you can accomplish with your yard lights in Jacksonville, FL. When you need help bringing your vision to life, give our team a call for professional design and inspiration.

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3 Ways to Utilize Exterior Lighting to Increase the Safety of Your Home

exterior lighting by front porchExterior lighting is a great way to boost the curb appeal of your property at night, but it also has a more utilitarian purpose. Safety is an important factor to consider when installing outdoor lights. Here are three exterior lighting options that you can utilize to increase the safety of your home.

Spotlights – Spotlights, particularly motion-activated ones, make great theft deterrents. They are also great for alerting you to animals that may be rooting around in your trash cans. When mounted above the back door or garage door, motion-activated spotlights are a smart security measure.

Path Lighting – Path lighting serves a dual purpose: it can add a beautiful, whimsical flair to your landscape, and it can keep you and your guests safe at night. Walkway lighting makes it safer to enter and exit your home at night, ensuring that no one trips and falls over any debris on the path.

Entry Lighting – Entry lighting is very important for anyone that needs to be out at night. Using your key when it is pitch black outside is extremely challenging. A good quality porch light can solve this issue. In addition, front and rear entries that are well-illuminated act as a deterrent for thieves and vandals.

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