3 Types of Popular Outdoor Lighting Systems for Florida Homes

outdoor lighting systems

Looking to brighten up your Florida home? Exterior lighting is the perfect way to illuminate your outdoor living spaces at night and make your home one of the most charming on the block. Read on to learn three types of popular outdoor lighting systems for Florida homes that will add beauty to your home when […]

Frequently Asked Questions About Outdoor Lighting Systems

Pro Lighting Outdoors has been lighting up properties in Northeast Florida for many years, designing and installing customized lighting systems and providing maintenance and repairs for residential and commercial customers. Over the years, we’ve answered a lot of questions about how exterior lighting systems work, what products are the best, and how to conserve energy […]

Why You Should Hire a Professional Landscape Lighting Company

Front entrance with exterior lights

Figuring out what kind of outdoor lighting is right for your landscape is a bit harder than it may seem. Even though most homeowners have a vision in their mind of what their nighttime landscape should be, there are a number of factors that go into the installation process that can easily become overwhelming – […]

Custom Lighting Designs: Give Light to Your Home

Outdoor lighting Jacksonville

Ever taken a stab at trying to illuminate your own backyard sitting area or oasis with a do-it-yourself lighting kit from a local hardware store? More times than not, this seemingly easy task quickly turns into hours of untangling light strands, discovering broken or unlit bulbs, enduring various measurement obstacles, and never quite achieving the […]

Boat Dock Lighting Design: Challenges, Solutions & Ideas

Boat dock lighting

Outdoor boat dock lighting presents unique challenges that must be considered when designing the lighting system. These challenges include the harsh environment, the need for safety and visibility, and the desire to create a visually pleasing atmosphere. Proper planning and careful selection of lighting fixtures can help to overcome these challenges and create a beautiful […]

How Outdoor Architectural Lighting Can Benefit Your Home or Business

Large house with brilliant outdoor lighting

Outdoor architectural lighting is a type of lighting that is specifically designed to highlight and accentuate the exterior features of a building or home, enhancing the aesthetics and visibility of its architectural features. Architectural lighting design will create a warm and inviting atmosphere for your guests. Pro Lighting Outdoors has been designing and installing outdoor architectural […]

Landscape Tree Lighting Tips from an Outdoor Lighting Professional

Exterior home lighting on house front and tree

Add dramatic appeal to your landscape lighting with these tree-lighting ideas Landscape tree lighting is always a hot topic at Christmas time, but the fact is that outdoor tree lighting is a critical component of nearly all professional landscape lighting plans. Lighting your trees can add beauty and drama to your home or business curb […]

Outdoor Lighting: Soffit Lights

Soffit Lights

Outdoor lighting is an integral part of a home and property. Nothing is more important in the evening and throughout the night. A great-looking house, landscaping, or yard can either disappear and be invisible at night or become a beautiful and practical feature. When it’s done right by a talented professional, lighting techniques and shadowing […]