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The Basics of Landscape Light Paths

Pathway lights hidden in shrubberyLandscape lights not only provide a safe walkway to and from your home, but they can create a pleasing, warm glow to highlight specific areas of your outdoor arrangement. Wired, low-voltage lights are easy to install and can create a beautiful effect in your yard. Alternatively, more standardized security lights in Jacksonville, FL, may provide the functionality you need to walk safely from your car to the front door.

Line Voltage vs. Low Voltage

When it comes to pathway lighting, low voltage is the more commonly installed variety. Their heavy transformer, thick cable, and attached lights make them easy to distinguish against other lighting options. Line voltage lights require a professional to install and will need their cables buried deep underground.

Purchasing Kits or Individual Lights

When installing yourself, a kit may be the best option. However, when you want to have full freedom over placement and look of your landscape lighting, purchasing the individual parts may be your best bet. Pro Lighting Outdoors is available to install a variety of pathway light options that are sure to boost the appearance and security of your home.

If you are interested in pathway lighting in Jacksonville, FL, contact Pro Lighting Outdoors today to schedule service. You can reach our lighting contractors by calling (904) 924-4496 or through the email form on our contact page.


How to Create Good Feng Shui in your Garden

Garden lights in Jacksonville, FLFeng Shui is a system of laws meant to govern the arrangement and orientation of space in relation to the flow of energy. This energy flow, called qi, will provide positive or negative effects on those within the area, depending on the arrangement. Applying good Feng Shui in your garden will bring good energy into your plants and your home. Below are three ways to create good energy in your garden.

  1. Outdoor Fountains

Fountains are a vital water element in Feng Shui and are one of the best outdoor products you can buy to help create positive energy. You can use any design that matches your garden or budget. Not only will a fountain bring good energy to your space, but it will provide a relaxing trickle of water when working outdoors.

  1. Garden Lights

Installing garden lights in Jacksonville, FL, will bring gentle elements to your garden, as well as additional illumination for when you’re working late into the evening. When installing garden lights, you want to ensure the light is balanced in all areas. Additional lighting can also help to ward off small animals and trespassers.

  1. A Resting Place

Adding a bench or other resting place in your garden is excellent Feng Shui. By resting, you will be able to absorb the silence and nourishing energy of the outdoors, while recovering from a hot day under the sun. Depending on the size and design of your garden and immediate area, you can choose from a variety of seating materials and styles, from a wooden bench to a cushioned swing.